Background information

Below are several links to organizations and publications on CCS.

Government & CCS

RIJKSOVERHEID: CCS-dossier The Dutch government’s information website on CCS.

SenterNovem: Information on the Taskforce CCS.

Projects & CCS

Cato2: Research project of the Dutch government, companies, universities and colleges and NGOs.

Carbon Sequestration: Database of CCS-projects (includes Google Earth).

Continue CO2-vrije Elektriciteitsproductie met C-CLEAR: Research project of the Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland (ECN; Energy Research Centre Netherlands) and the TU (Technical University) of Eindhoven.

CCS Network: Network of CCS demonstration projects, supported by the European Commission.

RECOPOL: Research and demonstration project for the storage of CO2.

Rotterdam Climate Initiative: Public-private cooperation to reduce CO2 emissions in the Rotterdam region.

Science & CCS

CO2 Geonet: European research network for the geological storage of CO2.

IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme: International research programme for the prevention of global warming.


CCS – CO2 Capture and Storage: English-language publication on CCS and TNO.

Making large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage CCS in the Netherlands Work: Research report issued by EnergieNed and the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment.

Legislation, regulation & CCS

Beleidsbrief CCS: Letter to Dutch Parliament on the boundary conditions for large-scale CCS demonstration projects.

Osparconventie: Guidelines for protection of the marine environment.

Londen Protocol: European (draft) legislation and regulation concerning CCS.

Ngo’s & CCS